The foodservice distribution industry continues to consolidate

Almost every distribution company owner has been approached by one of the national corporate distributors or regionals to inquire about their interest in a sale. Many family-owned and partnership companies want to continue to operate their business but the idea of “taking some chips off the table” is attractive.

Legacy Food Group is that perfect blend of options.

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Legacy Food Group is led by an experienced group of foodservice pioneers, starting with CEO Steve Push.

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Capitalized and managed by multi-generational food industry professionals, Legacy Food Group will acquire and partner with mid-tier or larger distributors to create a new entity that shares best practices and resources to create value. Members will retain autonomy in operation, their existing local presence, and even an equity position.

By knitting together numerous distributors, we achieve macro-scale with micro-market nimbleness, preserving differences that work for independents while achieving synergies that greatly expand margins.

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