Create Scale and Add Value

Legacy Food Group has a Mission...

Build the independent distribution business in order to keep the industry vibrant. Innovation comes from necessity! Distributors have to be innovative to compete with bigger, better funded competitors.

Legacy Food Group will acquire and partner with these companies to create a much larger entity. Scale creates synergies, shared buying power, and collaboration on best practices.

What makes Legacy Food Group different is our distributor members will retain their name and local recognition, operating with autonomy that helps preserve their reputation and standing with the local community.

As markets are re-balancing, well-managed companies will regain and grow market share as corporate distributors will impose ever more unfriendly requirements on customers. A well-organized group of aligned independents can greatly outperform these competitors, earning new business from hungry operators looking for an alternative.



Sales Skills Training

Consultative selling, business development, CRM usage, product knowledge, customer profitability metrics

Market-to-Market Collaboration

With multi-market customers

Customer Ordering Enhancement

Phone or online ordering versus in face-to-face

Sales Support

Order guide enhancements, product knowledge/data access, broker assistance


Strategic and opportunistic

Sales Compensation Systems

Commissions, salaries, incentives

Sharing Info/Data

From other members on effective promotions including marketing and training materials

Focus on Economic Drivers

Account penetration

Legacy Food Group distributors will continue to operate with autonomy and retain existing company recognition within their local markets. Members will enjoy shared best practices, including:

  • Sales Support
  • Supply Chain
  • Marketing Tools
  • Back Office


  • Improve position on supplier prioritization and supply chain; order fill rates, delivery timing
  • Better pricing; additional volume and/or other discounts, opportunities on forward buys, deals for key customers
  • Trade spend increases including earned income (manufacturer rebates)
  • Increased local market promotional activity and related supplier funding
  • Increased local market manufacturer and/or broker support
  • Alignment with regional, as opposed to national, suppliers
  • Emphasis on local sourcing and reduced environmental impact
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